Outcomes Star supports and verifies the results of social and health services

UUSIA Network Oy utilises the Outcomes Star method discovered in assessing the results of social and health services. Outcomes Star is a customer-oriented method by which to develop services and assess the quality of life. Outcomes Star supports customer service work with the goal of achieving lasting change in the customers’ lives. For the service provider, Outcomes Star offers information about the results of the services and guidance for the realisation of a result-based service strategy Read more about the method and see our Slideshare presentation  as well as the pages below:

Achieving lasting change

Municipalities, associations and companies have to achieve more and more with limited resources. Achieving results requires supporting the customers in a comprehensive and targeted manner and measuring the outcomes of the services. UUSIA Network Oy’s objective is to cut spiralling human and financial costs and, instead, help organisations produce and purchase services that can create lasting change in people lives.

Tulostähti Huittinen

Outcomes Star is a tool that

  • Improves customers’ overall well-being and control over their lives
  • Provides a systematic, confidential and evidence-based approach to work
  • Produces data about individual customers as well as the development of service units or regions.
  • Identifies gaps in service or deficiencies in the service chain
  • Enables result-oriented purchasing contracts


Methods for home care, work life, youth and family work

The Older Person’s Star is available in Finnish and is especially suitable for home care. Work Star is integrated into the workplace and My Star, Youth Star and Family Star Plus are available for children, youth and family work. The Mental Health Recovery Star is also available for adults recovering from mental illness. Read more about all the Outcomes Star programmes.

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Tested, tailored methods for the evaluation of results

The British Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Ltd. has developed the Outcomes Star programme together with their customers and the professionals that work with them. It includes almost 30 social services and it has been translated into six languages. The tried and tested method has spread throughout the United States, Australia, Italy and Denmark. The method has been comprehensively tailored for the evaluation of different social and health services.

© Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise. Used under license. Read more at www.outcomesstar.org.uk. UUSIA Network Oy is the license holder and authorised trainer for Outcomes Star in Finland.