How can I use Outcomes Star in my organisation?

Outcomes Star is a new kind of approach to working with customers where their needs, hopes and voice lead the process. The effective use of the Outcomes Star programme requires training and an annual license. The prices do not include value added tax. This is added to the total price.


(prices as of 1.9.2016)

The use of the Outcomes Star by an organisation requires an annual license fee of 400 EUR which includes the license for 16 customer employees for nearly all of the Outcomes Stars. Additional training is required when the Star’s Journey of Change changes.

Uusia Network also wants to support smaller actors and thus the license fee for organisations and projects with 1-4 employees is 200 EUR.

Additional individual licenses cost 20 EUR.


In order to get the license and ensure the validity of the data, we require that persons working with customers and their manager be trained in the method. One day of training costs 225 EUR (+ VAT) / person. A maximum of 16 people can participate in the training at one time.

UUSIA also offers training on data management and strategy processes. The Outcomes Star method can help define your service strategy, its objectives as well as its implementation.

Ask us for an offer on a package tailored for your organisation: info@tulostä

Uusia Network is committed to upholding reasonable prices. The costs for the future digital system are not yet available.