Impact assessment and measurement.

The demonstration of economic impact and value has been fundamentally established across all sectors. However, the significance of social value and impact has also been increasing in the private sector. Associations, social businesses and the public sector have typically added value but have, until now, lacked the concrete methods and tools by which to assess their impact.

The identification of social impact and the change assessment are central to Uusia Network’s service offering. The results and impact of the operations tell the true story and achievements of many services much better than measures or performance metrics focused on minutes or even bed spaces. We want to help our customers change and verifiably demonstrate these changes.

The decision making in social businesses and other socially responsible organisations is based on social, societal and/or ecological objectives. But how are these objectives defined, produced and realised?

Uusia Network utilises Change Theory as the basis for its assessments whereby it examines results, impact and value creation across different services, projects or organisations and, where needed, can even measure social impact in euros.

Uusia Network has also brought to Finland the unique Outcomes Star method which is used to support and realise change in customer work. The method is particularly suitable for producers of public services though it is also applicable for the private sector.

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