Skilful training and consulting for your organisation’s needs

Uusia Network specialises in sustainable business models and the development of environmental conditions that support them. Social businesses, the business activities of associations and cooperatives are all business models that require specialised advisory as well as marketing support that understands the significance of the value added as well the specific challenges of the field.

These organisations use different types of legal forms and governance structures, which, in turn, impact their activities, opportunities for growth in different markets as well as the types of funding they can apply for.

We organise training and consulting as requested by our customers in the following areas:

Social businesses and cooperatives

  • What kinds of business models create sustainable business operations?
  • What kind of management, governance and ownership structures promote growth?
  • What kind of leadership is needed in social businesses?
  • What are the competitive advantages of such businesses?
  • How should these be communicated?
  • What factors affect their competitiveness?

Social impact assessment

  • How does a social business change its customers’ lives? What kind of change agent is the company?
  • What kind of social and ecological impact does the company have?
  • How is this impact produced?
  • What added value does it deliver?
  • How are the results and impact assessed and evaluated?
  • How is the impact communicated?

Results-based public procurement

  • How can social businesses improve their competitiveness in the public sector service market so that their offering can be comparable with public and multinational organisations?
  • How can the market for public services be developed so that they change their customers’ lives for the better, in a sustainable way?
  • What kinds of evidence-based models would support this?
  • How can stakeholders and residents participate in the planning, development and even production of services?

Social financing

  • What kind of financing is available for the different types of social businesses?
  • What is social financing? What about impact investment?
  • What kinds of financial instruments are best suited for socially oriented organisations?
  • How to maintain the social mission in investment and sales situations?

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