A working social business – what is it made up of?

The public sector has big challenges: tax revenue is decreasing due to aging of the population while the demand for services is growing. Solutions are desperately needed. Social businesses offer innovative public services and often, in addition to the services delivered, provide value added and a lasting impact. Despite this, many social businesses have a hard time winning tenders in the public service market. UUSIA Network Oy’s expertise can help your organisation meet these challenges and find new solutions by which to develop your operations.

toimiva yhteiskunnallinen yritys

The SEE4M growth programme for social businesses

Since 2010, UUSIA Network Oy has developed the conditions for social businesses in Finland through the SEE4M programme. The name comes from Social Enterprise Ecosystem: 4 M’s - Money, Markets, Models, Measurement. These four variables have been seen to be the key elements for success:

  • Appropriate financing
  • The creation and development of markets
  • Business models
  • Impact assessment

UUSIA Network Oy, together with its network, has created Finnish knowhow, in the context of the European Union by organising round table discussions, workshops, seminars and study tours on the above topics.

The SEE4M programme has different actors at its core:

  • Service providers
  • Public actors
  • Funders
  • Impact assessors
  • Legal experts

Contact us and let’s find a sustainable model for you

Together with different sectors, and across sectors, we search for and develop sustainable solutions for the production of public sector services. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner in the SEE4M network.