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UUSIA Network Oy (formerly Social Business International Oy) is comprised of experts that will help you assess your organisation’s direction and the capabilities required to get there. Our company will help you produce and deliver solutions for societal, social and ecological problems. As our name suggests, we work with our extensive network. Leveraging our domestic and international network of experts, we gather together the team that can best meet your project or consulting needs. Our experts bring new perspectives on marketing, business operations, financing mechanisms and impact assessment. Read more about our offering and benefit from our expertise!!

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Anne Bland
Expert, CEO and Founder

I have always been interested in concrete solutions and new, different ways to do things, with more impact and sustainability. Creativity comes from thinking and working together – the methods can always be found when the objective is clear. Social impact and social entrepreneurship have been close to my heart since the 90s when I returned to Finland from Britain especially through Social Business International and Uusia Networks. Impact investing, particularly through Social Impact Bond funding and impact assessment (Social Return on Investment and Outcomes Star) are my strongest areas of expertise.

Emilia Bland
Event assistant

I work as the company’s event assistant. We produce and deliver many different kinds of events, various study tours, workshops and expert speaker events.

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